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Rochester’s community gardeners are eternally resourceful, creative, passionate, and resilient. They are driven by a deep understanding of what gardens can do for the communities they love. Like the team at Taproot Collective, most community gardeners in Rochester are doing their best to help ensure our city is filled with thriving neighborhoods where all people have equitable access to critical resources.

To make that vision a reality, we must work together. We can only do this together.

Taproot Collective is proud to be launching a new membership program for Rochester’s gardening community this year. As a part of our free annual membership, groups representing school and community gardens will receive:

  • Support in accessing material resources for gardens
  • Garden and program design support
  • Assistance with fundraising
  • Access to general liability insurance
  • Assistance in navigating city permits
  • Consistent opportunities for knowledge sharing and mutual support
  • Consistent growing seasons support from volunteers and youth interns
  • A free web page

Member gardens are asked to commit to:

  • Sending a representative to monthly Urban Agriculture Working Group meetings
  • Attending two virtual Taproot Collective meetings in the spring and fall
  • Preparing for and hosting any Collective volunteer events that they request for their garden
  • Caring for their gardens throughout the growing season and beyond
  • Ensuring their gardens are safe spaces that welcome all people.

Taproot is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization (tax ID #82-1454431)

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